Ornamental Fencing – Wrought Iron Fences is the original!

When it comes to ornamental fencing no style of fence has been around longer then the elegant Wrought Iron fence.  Some people call it just Iron fence, others call it rot iron, or wrot iron.   This fencing has been around longer then any other type of metal, steel or aluminum fence.   The only other type of fence that has decorated the countrysides longer is wood fencing.

old wrought iron fence

A beautiful old style wrought ion fence surrounding a cemetery.

Even though the custom Ornamental Iron fence has ben around for centuries some models and styles have kept the traditional look and design of past fencing styles.   While some new companies offer these tried and true designs they also offer new sleek and elegant wrought iron fence designs to raise the curb appeal of modern home designs.

ornamental iron fence

Modern Day Ornamental Iron Fence Panels

The quality of the fencing has also come along way since the first wrought iron fence was introduced to the world.   In past years the iron in the fence would rust easily and required lots of maintenance to keep the fence looking good and structurally sound.   Latest styles of high quality wrought iron fencing has greatly improved.   The actual iron is more dependable and more resistance to rusting.  Modern fence coatings are now used to greatly reduce the maintenance required to keep the fence looking good and rust free.   In the olden days the iron was just painted to protect it.  There are so many custom wrought iron fence designs to choose from now days there should be a perfect look for about everyone and every need.

If you can’t find the perfect look you can always contact a custom iron fence builder and have them make an original design just for you.  All though this route is quite costly compared to the cost of a commercial stock iron fence, the beauty and conversations created by it just might be worth it.


Best Aluminum Fence Designs of 2014

When it comes to aluminum fencing designs usually stay the same year after year.   2014 is no different.   The tried and true fence panel designs have been around for close to 20 years.   The reason is it is hard to improve and come up with new designs for fence styles there is only so many looks can be achieved without effecting the over all functionality and effectiveness of the fence.    Take for example all of the fence styles available at http://discountaluminumfenceonline.com   ”one of the leading fence suppliers online” have all been around for years and years.   The other thing that is unique when it comes to fence styles and designs is that almost every Aluminum fence manufacturer offers the almost same design and look of fence.   So it usually boils down to the quality and workmanship of the fence when it comes down to choosing and buying a fence.


The most popular models of decorative and affordable  aluminum ornamental fence panels   are the same this year as it has been in the years past.best aluminum fence model 2014

Aurora Aluminum Fence – 2014 customers choice


The 2nd Buyers choice award for aluminum fence is the Hiram Aluminum fence by Aluminum Fence Supply.

2014 Buyers second choice Aluminum fencing


There are so many styles of aluminum decorative fencing to choose from that it will take a while and some thinking to choose the perfect fence for your property.

The 5 most important things to consider when buying fence ! 

1. The main reason for getting a fence.  This means the functionality or purpose of the fence.  Is it for decoration?  Is it to keep pets or children in the yard.  For Security?  the list can go on and on.

2.  Type of Fence:   Do you want a wood fence, Vinyl fence, Aluminum fence, Steel, or maybe even a chain link fence or Iron fence.   The different types of materials the fences are made out of all have pros and cons.  Wood offers the natural beauty but requires constant maintenance and up keep.  Vinyl has less maintenance but not very secure and often fades and looks dingy over time.   Aluminum Fence is the most popular type of fencing in 2014. It provides strength and durability and it is maintenance free.    Iron fence is the strongest of all of the types of fencing and requires a little maintenance to keep it from rusting.

3.  Next is the height of your fence.   For decorations most people go with the 36-42- 48 inch high versions of fencing.   If you have small pets or small children these heights also work well.  The 54   inch and the 60 inch is used for larger pets and the start of security sized fencing.   The 72 inch to 90 inch is for security fencing to keep unwanted animals and intruders out.  The thing to consider even if you have small pets at the time and are leaning to a shorter fence, think about the future will you ever get a bigger dog, or need extra security.   Thinking about the future and what it might hold will let you make a informed decision, because aluminum fence lasts for years.

4.  The next one is Local and state fence codes that might have strict restrictions on the type and size of fence you are allowed to install.   Make sure you check these rules before deciding or ordering your new fence.

5.  The last thing to consider is the Color of your fence.   Black is the most popular fence color of aluminum fencing.   But most styles and models come in a wide range of colors stock from the factory.   Top fence manufacturers  like Specrail and Aluminum Fence supply allow custom color orders.  It is like going to the paint store buying paint for your house.   If you can get them a swatch they can match it and paint your new fence any color you may need.  Hopefully this article helped you make a more informed choice of your new fencing.


How the look and design of your fence effects property values!

When it comes to fencing there are many designs, styles, shapes, sizes and colors.  Fencing is also made out of many different materials, each having its own battles with time and weather.  The problem is once a property is purchased or a fence is installed the fence usually doesn’t get much attention from the occupants.  Wood fences go Un-stained or painted, iron fences and vinyl fences get dirty and moldy.  The only fence type that stays looking good over time is high quality aluminum fence panels because it doesn’t rust and the modern finishes doesn’t oxidize or fade.

So how does fencing effect property value?

broken down fenceMost home owners don’t pay much attention to their fence do to their busy lives and the hustle and bustle.  Fences that are broken, falling apart, paint peeling, rusty or just grungy, just goes unnoticed.  They usually notice the fence need attention when a family member, friend or more then likely a neighbor brings it to their attention.  A bad fence can bring down a neighbors property value just as quick as the fence owners.

If you look at your fence and quickly say to your self I need to do something with that, or Oh! That is ugly! That doesn’t look good! or anything like that, then your property vale and resale ability is suffering.   Why you ask?  Look at from this point of view.  Say you’re a home buyer in the market to buy a new home.  You see a listing and everything sounds good and from the vague pictures everything looks good.  You drive by and the first thing you see is an old fallen apart fence.  What would your first thought be. Probably!  Oh if we buy this house there will  be so much work to just getting it to look good.  They already have doubt in their mind, and will use unconsciously to talk themselves out of buying your home.

Next is when selling your home or getting refinanced  you will more then likely have to get your house appraised.  When appraiser see this eye sore your property value just went down.   And you neighbors property value went down as well if the fence comes close to their property.   So if your fence looks anything like these rip it out.   If you need or want a fence replace it.

fence in despair

damaged vinyl fence


After you decide the your fence needs help you have to decide if it can be saved or will it have to be completely  removed.   With wood fences, if it is structurally sound and it doesn’t have broken  or warped boards a wood restore product and a fresh stain job could be all you need to do.  But if it has very many broken boards or warped real bad it will probably need to be removed.  Once removed you can decide whether to replace it or not.  No fence is a lot better then a ugly fence.

Vinyl fence gets brittle over time and a good hit from a lawn mower or bicycle can do a lot of damage.  The problem with cheaper vinyl fence is  it colors fades. if you have to replace a section or piece  it sometimes makes it more of an eye sore.

Older iron fencing  was usually made with lower quality iron then modern day decorative wrought iron fences.  The old styles without maintenance rusted and looked bad after 4 or 5 years.  These models can be brought back to life with some work.  Usually it requires sandblasting and a good high quality paint job.   As mentioned before newer styles of wrought iron fencing panels have better metals and really good protective coatings to make them look good and last for many years.   Just a good washing and touching up nicks and scrapes every so often will keep it looking good.

If you have a modern aluminum fence you probably wouldn’t be here reading this article, because they don’t require maintenance and unless damaged always look good because they don’t rust.

If you have to remove your fence it will take some work but we have found a few videos that shows a few tips to make it easier.   Removing old fence posts that have been set with concrete is the hardest part.

Here is a neat little tool that will help also.

Once your fence is removed and you decide to install a new one you will have to find good high quality fencing to replace it.  Fencing found at big chain stores like Home Depot or Lowes is usually not the highest of quality and workmanship.  The best pricing and free shipping can be found at online fence stores like http://www.fence-depot.com or other reputable fence companies.

The next blog post we are going to get into more of the design elements of fencing and how they can effect the look of your property and raise your property value.